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GeoCloud Automation

GeoCloud Automation operates 24/7 to deliver measurements from the project work site to secure project websites. GeoCloud automation features wireless data acquisition, web-based data management, and website access to data. Datasheet

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Wireless Data Acquisition

Wireless data acquisition systems automate on-site measurements and transmit data to the internet.

Better Data: Wireless data acquisition runs continously, provides frequent measurements in near-real time, and assists early identification of unwanted trends.

Reduced Costs: Wireless data acquisition eliminates the costs of installing and protecting long runs of cable.

Enhanced Safety: Wireless data acquisition eliminates most site visits and reduces the number of non-essential personnel on site.

Wireless Data Acquisition

Wireless Node & Gateway Networks

GeoCloud Data Management

Measurements from project sites are transmitted to GeoCloud servers, processed, and stored.

Data Integration: The GeoCloud server can import, process, and store readings from most sensors and systems, eliminating data silos.

Consistent Calculations: The GeoCloud server processes measurements according to instructions stored with the databases, providing consistency and traceability.

Consistent Presentations: The GeoCloud server generates views, plots, and reports that are preconfigured to ensure consistent sensor selection, scales, and labels.

Human Monitored: GEO-Instruments project managers and technicians monitor project dashboards, checking that loggers and nodes are operational and that the processed measurements are within alarm thresholds.

GeoCloud Websites

GeoCloud project websites provide access to site status, graphs, alarms, and measurements.

Continously Updated: Project websites are updated and available 24 hours a day. Everyone sees the most recent data.

Secure Access: Project websites are hosted on secure servers that are backed up daily. Authorized users have password-protected logins and controlled access to advanced features.

Graphs, Reports, and Alerts: Project websites support site-wide views, trend plots, profile plots, contour plots and more. PDF reports are generated automatically on regular schedules. Alerts are posted on project websites and sent by email or SMS to registered users.

Quickview Data Visualization

Apollo Data Visualization