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Track Monitoring Systems

Track Monitoring

Track monitoring systems help maintain railroad safety by monitoring track alignment for lateral movement, longitudinal profile for settlement or heave, and cant for changes in the relative elevation of the two rails.

Automated Solutions

GEO-Instruments supplies two different wireless track monitoring solutions. Both provide continuous monitoring and automated processing, data visualization, and distribution of data and alerts. Datasheet

Advantages of Automation

Safety: Readings are obtained remotely, reducing access needed by technicians.
Reliability: Weatherproof sensors and smart networking provide data 24/7.
Quick Access: Data and alerts are available on smartphones and PCs just minutes after the reading is taken.

AMTS Systems

AMTS systems provide 3D measurements for calculating changes in alignment, longitudinal profile, and cant.

AMTS systems can be optically networked over long distances with no loss of precision. In addition, they can provide absolute positioning in site coordinates.


Fifteen optically-networked AMTS were used to monitor a 2.5 mile span of track.


Solar-powered AMTS monitors track during adjacent construction.

AMTS work with prisms. Rail clip prisms are clamped to the track. Similar prisms can be anchored in the ballast. Both are relatively inexpensive and function without power or wiring.

Rail clip prisms on track

Rail clip prisms installed on both rails

Wireless Tiltmeter for Track

Wireless Tiltmeters

Tiltmeters provide 2D measurements for calculating changes in longitudinal profile and cant.

Tiltmeter array on track

The photo above shows tiltmeters (circled) installed along a 300-foot span of track. Wireless tiltmeters can be installed quickly and require no maintenance. Battery life is 15 years with readings every 25 minutes.

Tiltmeters on railroad ties

The tiltmeters are fixed to the ties via brackets or glue. Each tiltmeter relays its readings to a neighboring tiltmeter. This allows transmission around curves and obstructions.

Gateway for wireless tiltmeters

A cellular gateway relays measurements to GeoCloud web servers. Gateways can be powered by a solar panel or AC mains.


The GeoCloud server processes measurements and posts them on a secure project website. Alerts are sent by email or text messages.