GEO-Instruments provides geotechnical, structural, and environmental monitoring services. We help owners, infrastructure operators, and construction engineers mitigate risk, optimize designs and methods, and document regulatory compliance.

Innovative Solutions

Innovative Solutions

GEO thrives on implementing innovative solutions for challenging projects. We have extensive experience in instrumentation and can deploy a wide range of both traditional and advanced sensing technologies.


Automated Monitoring

GEO specializes in automated monitoring. We deploy rugged weatherproof systems, solar panels for power autonomy, and reliable wireless communications to transmit measurements offsite for processing.

Quick Access to Data

Quick Access to Data

GeoCloud, our automated monitoring platform, processes incoming data in just seconds and makes alarms, plots, and data available on project websites, email, and messaging. We provide data when and where it is needed.


GEO monitors piers, roads, tracks, tank foundations, utility vaults, and more, providing early identification of unwanted trends and verification of corrective measures.

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GEO monitors excavation support systems and earth retention systems. The performance of these systems directly affects construction timelines, the safety of workers, and the stability of adjacent structures.

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GEO monitors commercial properties, historical buildings, and other high-value structures to help prevent damage from on-site and adjacent-site construction activities.

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GEO monitors retaining walls, landslides, embankments, and slopes to help engineers assess risk, avoid potential damage, and evaluate remediation measures.

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GEO monitors seawalls, piers, utilities, outfall sewers, dams, airports, and roadways, helping to mitigate risk, optimize designs, and minimize delays.

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Vibration Monitoring

Vibration & Noise

GEO's vibration monitors help project owners and contractors avoid excessive vibrations that can lead to property damage and law suits.

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GEO monitors bridge approaches, bents, piers, and superstructures during repairs and replacements.

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GEO monitors tunnel construction, existing tunnel conditions, and structures, services, and roads along tunnel alignments.

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Rail & Metro


GEO monitors rail tracks and rail-owned structures while construction and improvements take place.

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