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Monitoring Structures

GEO-Instruments monitors structures undergoing renovation, repair, or expansion, providing early warning of problems and real-time data to guide construction sequences.

Wireless data loggers monitoring renovation of Apple store in NYC
Old South Church
Kennedy Center for Performing Arts
Prism at Tampa Airport
Ballston Pedestrian Bridge
Hydrostatic Settlement Cells on warehouse wall

Monitoring Structural Renovations, Repairs, and Expansions

AMTS systems monitor prisms on interior and exterior walls to detect movement.

Crackmeters and Jointmeters monitor existing cracks, changes in alignment of structural elements.

Hydrostatic levels, installed on floors and exterior or interior walls, monitor differential settlement.

Tiltmeters monitor deformation of walls and floors and lateral displacement of columns.

Laser distance meters monitor wall-to-wall or floor-to-ceiling convergence.

Strain gauges monitor changes in loads on steel structural elements.

Vibration monitors warn when vibration limits are exceeded.

Related Applications

GeoCloud Automation operates 24/7 to deliver measurements from the project work site to secure project web sites. GeoCloud automation features wireless data acquisition, web-based data management, and website access to data.

Wireless data acquisition systems forward measurements to GeoCloud servers for processing. Dedicated GeoCloud websites provide access to alerts, graphs, and reports.