MSE Wall Repair

Highway Wall Repair
Damaged Roadway

Project Overview

Keller was called in to stabilize and repair a failed MSE wall. The wall supported a highway overpass.

GEO-Instruments was contracted to monitor the wall during the repair work.

Installing Tiltmeters and Prisms
Tiltmeter-Prism Pair


GEO deployed 31 wireless tiltmeters and two AMTS systems with 60 prisms to monitor approximately 1400 feet of MSE wall.

GeoCloud Automation delivered measurements from the project site to a secure project web site.

All instruments were wireless and battery powered.


Fabrication of Tower
Fabrication of Gravity Base

Gravity Base Towers

Keller fabricated gravity base towers for the two AMTS systems deployed at the project.

The towers provide a stable, elevated platform for the AMTS. Gravity base towers can be deployed almost anywhere, relocated as necessary, and later removed when the project is complete.


AMTS on Gravity Base
ATMS Monitoring Wall

AMTS Systems

The first AMTS was operational within a week after the request. It monitored 20 prisms and 400 feet of wall.

The second AMTS was operational a few weeks later. It monitored 40 prisms installed on 900 feet of wall.

Quickview Map

Cloud-Based Reporting

GeoCloud web servers continuously received and processed measurements from the site, presenting the data on a project website.

Data and trend plots always showed current data and could be viewed with desktop and smartphone browsers.

Alerts were sent by email and SMS if alarm thresholds were exceeded.

Co-located Wireless tiltmeter and L-Bar Prism

Co-locating instruments can provide confidence that measurements are correct.

Displacement plots - co-located tiltmeter and prism

Measurements from co-located prisms and tiltmeters track each other closely, showing nearly the same displacements over a 3 month period. Limit lines for the two plots at top are set at ± 0.5 inches. The bottom right plot shows a 24 hour period.