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AMTS Gravity-Base Towers

Gravity-base towers improve sight-lines between the total station and the prisms, provide stability for higher quality measurements, and ensure security for the AMTS equipment. Datasheet

Tower Components

The gravity base anchors the system. As the name implies, the gravity-base is heavy. The GEO standard is a 42-inch diameter cement- filled steel form with an embedded socket for the tower pipe. It weighs approximately 4,000 pounds. Alternative bases might include deadman anchors or bases cast in sonotubes.

The tower pipe provides an elevated location for the total station. The GEO standard tower pipe has a 12-inch diameter and is 21 feet high. The large diameter pipe provides excellent stability and easily accomodates additional solar panels and other instruments, such as wireless gateways and construction site cameras. Smaller diameter pipe sizes can also be used, especially for shorter heights.

The top plate provides a surface for mounting the total station with its tribrach leveler. An optional top hat can add protection from rain and snow.

AMTS Tower at Excavation Site

AMTS tower at excavation site

AMTS tower top plate for two total stations

Top plate for two total stations

amts gravity-base tower in median strip

Towers can be located anywhere

AMTS Gravity Base Tower with AMTS Components

Tower with AMTS components