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AMTS L-Bar Prisms

The L-Bar Mini Prism is a versatile optical target used with AMTS to monitor displacements and deformations of structures. It can be installed on tunnel walls, building facades, foundation slabs, retaining walls, bridge decks, and almost any other location. Datasheet

Lbar Mini Prism

L-Bar Mini Prism

L-Bar Prisms on Facade

L-Bar Prisms on Facade

L-bar prisms in tunnel

L-Bar Prisms in Tunnel

L-Bar Prism on Magnetic Base

L-Bar Prism with magnetic base

L-bar prism on welded bracket

L-Bar Prism on Welded Bracket


L-Bar Micro Prism


Easy Installation: The compact bracket can be installed in any orientation and fits nearly any location.
Durable: Prism is waterproof and dustproof, suitable for any environment.
Low Visual Impact: The compact prisms are almost unnoticeable from street level.
Cost Effective: Economical prism provides low cost per monitored point.


  1. Choose a location that provides a clear line of sight to the AMTS.
  2. Determine the best orientation for the L-bar bracket, install the anchors, and mount the bracket.
  3. Attach the prism to the bracket, rotate it to face the AMTS, and tighten the mounting screw.


L-Bar Bracket: Black anodized aluminum, 3 inch arms, two 5/16 inch holes for mounting screws.
Prism: 25 mm optical glass with silver backing and clear appearance.
Prism Offset: -25.5 mm for Topcon, Trimble,etc. +8.92 mm for Leica.