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Rental Vibration Monitors

Rental Vibration Monitors - We'll help you find the right one for your project

In-Stock & Calibrated

GEO-Instruments has a large fleet of rental vibration monitors, manual and automated. Every unit has a valid calibration certificate and is tested before we rent it.

Why Rent from GEO?

GEO-Instruments has vibration monitoring expertise from hundreds of our own projects, and we've been an authorized Instantel dealer since 2003. We know vibration monitoring.

Portable Vibration Monitors

Rental vibration monitor - Instantel Micromate

Instantel Micromate

The Micromate is a good choice if your reporting requirements are minimal and you don't need automation.

Compact and lightweight, the Micromate is also convenient if your monitoring location changes frequently.

The Micromate should be retrieved at the end of the day. You'll need to transfer data to your PC for processing, generate reports, clear the Micromate's memory, and charge the battery.

Micromate Rental Includes:

  • Instantel Micromate
  • Triaxial geophone
  • Cables and charge adaptor
  • PC software for processing
  • Carrying case

Monitoring Time: 

10 to 15 days of monitoring on rechargeable internal battery.

Dimensions and Weight
4 x 5.5 x 1.75 in, 1.1 lb

Also available new, for purchase

Rental vibration monitor - PVM

PVM - Portable & Automated

The PVM is a good choice if you need protected portability. It is supplied in a strong waterproof case that can be locked, secured, and left on site.

The PVM is available with and without automation services. Automation brings automated data retrieval and website access to automated reports. 

With the non-automated PVM, you'll need to transfer data to your PC for processing and generate reports.

PVM Rental Includes:

  • Vibration monitor
  • Triaxial geophone
  • 15Ah battery, AC charger
  • Strong weatherproof case
  • Cell modem
  • Automated services
  • Available without automation.

Monitoring Time:

Three days of automated operation, 20+ days of non-automated operation.

Dimensions & Weight:
20 x 15 x 7 in, 26 lb.

Rental vibration monitor - SVM Solar & automated

SVM - Solar & Automated

The SVM is a good choice if you need portability and automation for a longer term. It can be locked, secured, and left on site in a fenced area.

The SVM features a self-standing frame that folds for easy relocation. The solar panel keeps its large battery charged for weeks of automated operation.

All automated systems send data four or five times per day to a dedicated website where reports are generated.

SVM Rental Includes:

  • Vibration monitor
  • Triaxial geophone.
  • Cell modem
  • Self-standing frame
  • Weatherproof enclosure
  • Solar panel and 35Ah battery
  • Automation services

Monitoring Time:
Weeks of operation, depending on the availability of sunlight.

Dimensions & Weight:
30 x 18 x 11 in (open), 60 lb.

Fixed-Location Vibration Monitors

Rental vibration monitor - AVM



AVM AC or AVM Solar

The AVM is a good choice for long term automated monitoring from a fixed location. Its weatherproof enclosure can be mounted on a wall or pole.

The AC version charges the battery from line power, providing unlimited operating time. The solar version is supplied with a separate solar panel and a larger battery.

Monitoring Time: AC version has no monitoring limits. Weeks or months of monitoring with solar, depending on availability of sunlight.

AVM Rental Includes:

  • Vibration monitor
  • Triaxial geophone
  • Cell modem
  • 7Ah battery with AC adaptor or 35Ah battery with solar panel
  • Lockable, weatherproof enclosure
  • Automation services

Dimensions & Weight:
18 x 16 x 6 in, 32 lb.

Rental vibration monitor - RVM

RVM  Solar & Rugged

The RVM is a good choice for long term automated monitoring from a fixed, public location. It features a heavy steel enclosure, a shatterproof solar panel, and high capacity batteries.

The enclosure can be positioned over the geophone and its cable to avoid vandalism. The 250 lb enclosure is lockable and easily secured.

Monitoring Time: Large batteries provide extended monitoring time even with poor solar.

RVM Rental Includes:

  • Vibration monitor
  • Triaxial geophone
  • Cell modem
  • Two 110Ah batteries
  • Heavy-gauge steel enclosure
  • Shatterproof solar panel
  • Automation services

Dimensions & Weight:
31 x 21 x 18 in, 250 lb.

Factors to Consider - Rental Vibration Monitors

Location Changes

  • If the monitoring location will change frequently, choose the Micromate, PVM, or SVM.
  • If the monitoring location is fixed, choose the AVM or RVM.

Duration of the Project

  • If less than a month, choose the Instantel Micromate or a non-automated PVM.
  • If longer than a month, any of the automated monitors will be cost-effective.

Monitoring Time

  • All of the monitors operate on rechargeable batteries.
  • The solar-charged SVM and RVM can provide months of operation when there is plenty of sunlight.
  • The AC-charged AVM is convenient if AC is available and reliable at the site.

Cell Reception

  • Cell reception is required for automation. If there is no cell reception, choose the Instantel Micromate or the non-automated PVM.
  • Any of the automated units can monitor vibrations without cell reception, but automation services won't be available until cell communication is restored.


  • If the monitor must be placed in a public area, choose the RVM. It can protect the geophone.
  • If the monitor is located within a fenced area, any of the automated monitors will work.
  • The Instantel Micromate should probably be retrieved nightly, even in a fenced area.


We always recommend automation for any location that is difficult to access or that requires special safety precautions, such as tunnels and railways. This leads to time savings as well as better safety.

We also recommend automation services for longer term projects. Automated monitoring eliminates nearly all the manual tasks related to data collection and processing. The accumulated time and cost savings can be significant:

  • Fewer maintenance visits - automation takes care of battery charging, data transfers, managing system memory.
  • Reduced computer time - automation takes care of importing data, generating reports, and distributing reports.

What's Included with Automation

Hardware Enhancements: Larger batteries, Solar power, wireless communications, and protective enclosures.

Automatic Data Uploads: Measurements are automatically transmitted to a project website 4 or 5 times per day using a cellular modem. Cell service is included in the rental. There is no need to manually transfer data to a PC.

Automatic Processing: Reports are generated automatically and posted on a secure project website. Data handling is essentially eliminated and reports are never lost.

Dedicated Website: A dedicated website displays the status of the vibration monitor and stores data and reports for easy access. This works with multiple vibration monitors and other instruments too. There is a fee for the initial setup of the website.

Timely Alerts: Alerts for vibration exceedances are displayed on the project website and can be sent to smartphones and PCs.

Request a Quote - Rental Vibration Monitors

Vibration Monitor: Click to select a rental vibration monitor, then fill out the rest of the form. You can add or compare another type of monitor, too.

Geophone:  A geophone is included with the rental.

  • ISEE is the standard in the US. Go with ISEE unless DIN is specified.
  • Choose horizontal geophones for most applications. These are suitable for horizontal surfaces or for shallow burial.
  • Choose vertical geophones if your application requires geophones mounted on walls or other vertical surfaces.
  • Choose borehole geophones if your application requires deeper subsurface installation, such as monitoring underground utility vaults.

Microphone: Microphones are optional, extra-charge items.

  • Choose Linear Air-Overpressure microphones for blasting operations.
  • Choose Sound Level Sensors for construction noise

Extension Cables: Extension cables are optional, extra-charge items. 50, 100, and 250 foot cables are available.

Length of Rental: Non-automated monitors have a 1 week minimum. Automated monitors have a 1 month minimum.


Do you have questions or extra requirements?

Call us at 800-477-2506 or fill out the form below.

Instantel Specialty Monitors

Instantel Vibration Monitors

Our rental fleet also includes other Instantel vibration monitors, such as Minimate Plus, Minimate Pro 4 and 6, and Blastmate III, along with a range of specialty geophones.