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GEO's rental fleet has both the mems-based Digitilt AT system and the Classic Digitilt analog system. Read our recommendations and use the quote request form below to check availability.

rental inclinometer - Digitilt AT Inclinometer System

Digitilt AT

The Digitilt AT is a MEMS-based system that is lightweight and easy to carry. The rental includes the AT probe, a control cable mounted on a reel, and a blue-tooth tablet. The cable has numbered depth marks which helps prevent mistakes in the survey.

The battery in the reel can power the probe for 10 to 12 hours, but battery life in the tablet can be much shorter if you need to turn up the brightness on the display.

rental inclinometer Digitilt Classic Inclinometer System

Digitilt Classic

The Digitilt Classic is the original analog system. The rental includes the classic probe, heavy-weight control cable, and the Digitilt DataMate readout that powers the system for 10 to 12 hours.

Everything is hardwired and no bluetooth connections are involved. Cable graduations are colored bands with few numerics, so depth control requires a little extra concentration.

DigiPro2 Inclinometer Software

Graphing Software

Inclinometer surveys are data intensive and best processed with dedicated software. DigiPro 2 graphing software is not included with the rental, but DGSI generously offers a trial version on their website.

The trial version provides 45 runs, which may meet your short-term needs. Longer term, you may decide to purchase it. DigiPro2 works with both Classic and AT systems. Download DigiPro 2

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Recommendations for Rental Inclinometers

Suggestion 1: Use the same system that you used before. The AT and Classic systems aren't compatible. If you want to know why, read this FAQ on the DGSI website.

Suggestion 2: If you’ve just installed the casing and haven’t done an inclinometer survey yet, go with the AT system. It’s lighter and easier to use.

There's another advantage to the AT system. AT probes are basically interchangeable. They maintain their alignment and calibration better than the Classic probes. That makes it easier to rent next time because you won't need to wait for the same unit to become available.

Suggestion 3: If you prefer hard-wired systems, or if you need a horizontal probe or a spiral sensor, go with the Classic.