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Automated Vibration Monitoring

Vibrations from construction activities can lead to property damage, litigation, project delays, and increased costs. Automated vibration monitoring provides a reliable and cost-effective way to control for excessive vibrations, protecting project owners, construction companies, and nearby properties. Datasheet

Automated Vibration Monitor

Vibration monitoring helps prevent property damage, project delays, and litigation.

Vibration Event Report

Automated vibration monitors offload data at scheduled intervals, generate reports and alerts, and provide secure web access to compliance records.

Congested Construction Site

Automation provides safe, unattended monitoring in high-risk areas such as congested construction sites.

Manual vs Automated Monitoring

Manual Vibration Monitor

Manual Vibration Monitor

Manual vibration monitors get the job done. Keep in mind that manual vibration monitors are minimally protected from the environment and are not easily secured. In most cases, you’ll need a technician hovering nearby, and at the end of the day, you’ll need someone to retrieve the unit, offload and process the data, and charge the battery.

PVM Portable-Automated Vibration Monitor

Automated Vibration Monitor

Compare an equally portable, but automated monitor. This unit is supplied in a strong, waterproof case that is easy to secure. Powered by a large battery, it can be left on site for several days, transmitting data to a GeoCloud website at scheduled intervals. The website generates reports and alerts automatically, eliminating nearly all handling of data.

Automated Vibration Monitors

These fully automated vibration monitors eliminate nearly all data handling

PVM Portable AVM

PVM - Portable & Protected


The PVM is an automated vibration monitor supplied in a strong waterproof case. Portable and easy to deploy, the PVM can be left unattended on site for several days.

Power: Battery.

Dimensions & Weight: 20 x 15 x 7 in, 26 lb.

Monitoring time: Approximately three days on a fully charged battery, depending on cell signal strength.

Automation Services
Solar-Powered Vibration Monitor

SVM - Portable & Solar Powered


The SVM is an automated vibration monitor supplied with a weatherproof enclosure, a solar panel, and a folding frame. The folding frame makes the monitor easy to relocate.

Power: Solar panel.

Dimensions & Weight: 30 x 18 x 11 in, 60 lb.

Monitoring Time: The battery and solar panel can provide weeks of operation, depending on the environment.

Automation Services
RVM with geophone

RVM - Rugged & Solar-Powered


The RVM is an automated vibration monitor protected by a heavy steel enclosure. It can be deployed in public areas with the geophone beneath the box.

Power: Shatterproof solar panel and large batteries.

Dimensions & Weight: 31 x 21 x 18 in, 250 lb.

Monitoring Time: The solar panel provides weeks or months of operation, depending on availability of sunlight.

Automation Services
AVM with geophone

AVM - Fixed Location, AC or Solar


The AVM is an automated vibration monitor supplied in a lockable, weatherproof enclosure that is mounted on a wall or pole.

Power: AC or an exterior solar panel.

Dimensions & Weight: 18 x 16 x 6 in, 32 lb.

Monitoring Time: Unlimited when connected to AC power. Weeks on solar, depending on availabilty of sunlight.

Automation Services

Options to Consider

Vertical Geophone

Type of Geophone 

  • ISEE is the standard in the US, but some specifications ask for DIN.
  • Horizontal geophones ( standard) are suitable for horizontal surfaces or for shallow burial.
  • Vertical geophones are mounted on walls or other vertical surfaces.
  • Borehole are for deeper subsurface installation, such as monitoring underground utility vaults.
Sound Level Sensor


Microphones are optional extra-charge items and may not be required for your application.

  • Linear Air-Overpressure microphones are suitable for blasting operations.
  • Sound Level Sensors are designed for sounds that humans can hear, such as construction noise.
PVM with horn and strobe

Horn and Strobe

Any of these automated monitors can be connected to a horn and strobe that activates when vibrations exceed preset limits.