Med Center Expansion

Excavation with AMTS


Providence Tarzana Medical Center is undergoing a 540 million dollar upgrade and enhancement that involves removal of some older structures and construction of a new patient wing, a new parking structure, and a new main building.

Monitoring Requirements

GEO-Instruments was contracted to monitor the support of excavation for the new patient wing and the stability of buildings adjacent to the excavation.

Load cell and prisms on panel


VW anchor load cells were installed on tieback anchors to verify that load readings remained within 10 to 20% of the lock-off load. Measurements are transmitted wirelessly to a GeoCloud website.

AMTS prisms on soldier piles

AMTS prisms above were installed on steel soldier piles using magnetic mounting plates. A solar-powered AMTS system monitors the prisms for early detection of any movement. Alerts are sent to smartphones and PCs

Solar-Powered AMTS