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Monitoring Excavations

GEO-Instruments monitors excavation support systems to provide early detection of problems, enhance site safety, and mitigate risk of damage to adjacent properties, project delays, and litigation.

Monitoring Support of Excavation

Instruments used to monitor SOE include:

AMTS to monitor displacements of soldier piles. Prisms have magnetic bases that clamp onto steel soldier piles. Prisms can also be installed on soil-nail walls.

Tiltmeters to monitor for rotation.

Piezometers installed outside the excavation to monitor changes in pore-water pressure due to dewatering.

Strain gauges to monitor changes in strain on struts and braces.

Load cells to monitor changes in loads on tieback anchors.

Shape Arrays to monitor deformation in or behind earth retention structures.

Monitoring Structures Adjacent to the Excavation

Instruments to monitor structures within the excavation zone of influence include:

AMTS to monitor any movement of buildings adjacent to the excavation. Prisms are installed on building facades.

Crackmeters to monitor existing cracks that may worsen if settlement occurs.

Hydrostatic Level Cells to monitor differential settlements. HLCs are especially effective on masonry structures.

Vibration Monitors to monitor for excessive vibrations from the excavation activities.

Also see Monitoring Settlement

GeoCloud Automation

GeoCloud Automation operates 24/7 to deliver measurements from the project work site to secure project web sites. GeoCloud automation features wireless data acquisition, web-based data management, and website access to data.

Wireless data acquisition systems forward measurements to GeoCloud servers for processing. Dedicated GeoCloud websites provide access to alerts, graphs, and reports.