West Point CEAC

West Point CEAC Rendering

West Point Military Academy is adding a Cyber & Engineering Academic Center as seen in this architect's rendering.

Blasting at West Point

The start of construction involved blasting rock to make room for the new structure.

RVM Vibration Monitors

GEO deployed 30 automated vibration monitors to monitor the effects of the blasting. Geophones were installed directly onto the structures as well as in foundation soil.

Crackmeters and Wireless Nodes

18 crackmeters with wireless nodes were placed to monitor existing cracks. Readings from all the monitoring equipment on site were relayed wirelessly to a project website.

AMTS at West Point

Four AMTS Systems monitored 68 points (optical survey prisms) to detect potential settlements or displacements. A vibration monitor can be seen at the bottom left.

GeoCloud Wireless Tiltmeter

One of 23 wireless tiltmeters deployed to monitor possible rotation. A prism and an AMTS unit can be seen at the upper right.