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Monitoring Retaining Walls & Slope Stabilization

GEO monitors retaining walls and slope stabilization activities to mitigate risks to safety and property and to assist evaluation of repairs and remediation.

Monitoring Deformation I-5 Undercrossing
Retaining Wall - Tiltmeters
ATMS Monitoring Wall
Castle Village Wall Failure
Instrumented rock dowels at snoqualmie pass
Drone photo of shape array

Monitoring Retaining Walls

The main parameters for monitoring are lateral displacement and rotation. Other parameters may include loads on anchors, pore-water pressure, and subsurface displacements.

AMTS systems monitor rotation, vertical displacement and horizontal displacement.

Tiltmeters monitor rotation.

Load cells monitor anchor performance.

Shape Arrays monitor subsurface changes in soil behind the wall.

Piezometers monitor pore-water pressure.

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Monitoring Slope Stabilization

The main parameters for monitoring are pore-water pressure and lateral displacements of earth. Other parameters may include monitoring loads on anchors and dewatering equipment.

Piezometers monitor pore-water pressure.

Shape Arrays monitor subsurface movement of earth and provide displacement profiles.

Load cells monitor anchor performance.

AMTS systems can monitor surface displacement


GeoCloud Automation operates 24/7 to deliver measurements from monitoring systems at the project work site to secure project web sites. GeoCloud automation features wireless data acquisition, web-based data management, and dedicated website access to alerts, graphs, and reports.