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Construction Site Cameras

Construction site cameras record videos and photos of construction activities. They provide a record of progress, enhance site security, document incidents and weather delays, and complement instrumentation. Datasheet

Construction camera at HSR

The camera can be controlled remotely through a web interface. You can capture stills, stream video, and schedule time lapse recordings.

Construction Camera

Cameras can be mounted on structures or towers such as the AMTS tower in the photo at left

Time lapse sequences are created from high-resolution photos. Click the image to see a full size photo. At the scheduled time, the camera automatically pans to a preset view and captures a photo. Time lapses can be created for any number of views ( different parts of the site, for example).

Camera Applications

Record progress: Images and live streaming video provide an easy way to keep stakeholders informed.

Review operations: Time lapse sequences and video can provide insights for improving work flows, logistics, and safety.

Supplement instrumentation:
Instruments report changes. Cameras can record the activities that cause the changes.

Document weather delays: Time, date, and weather information are recorded with each photo.

Enhance Security: Site cameras can double as security cameras in the off hours.

Reduce Travel: Site cameras offer virtual site visits. Offsite engineers can pan, tilt, and zoom the camera to focus on areas of interest.


Camera Features

  • High resolution images and video
  • Optical zoom
  • Built in defogger

Real Time Mode

  • Control with PC or smartphone
  • Pan-tilt-zoom to area of interest
  • Capture and save images
  • Streaming video

Time Lapse Mode

  • Pan-tilt-zoom to preset views
  • Record time lapses for each view
  • Search images by date and time

Security Mode

  • Records at HD 720p resolution
  • View by date & time


  • Solar power
  • Camera tower

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Time lapse photos are captured automatically at scheduled intervals. A typical interval might be 15 minutes. Longer or shorter intervals are possible. When you view a time lapse, you can choose to see all the photos or just one-per-day, etc, depending on your needs. The "high-speed" effect of the video below was created by specifying just one image per day. For review purposes, shorter intervals between images would be specified, effectively slowing down the video.