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Dust & Air Quality Monitors

Air Quality Monitors provide real-time measurements of dust generated by construction activities. Dust mitigation measures are required at most construction sites, and real-time dust reporting may be required to verify that mitigation measures are effective. Datasheet


Established in 2001, Aeroqual has developed sensor-based air quality measurements for a variety of applications in more than 50 countries and climates worldwide. The New Zealand company’s calibration and production facilities operate under ISO 9001:2008.

Air Quality Monitoring

Aeroqual instruments are in daily use by high profile customers in the US, including the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, New York Department of Environmental protection, South Coast Air Quality Management District, and NASA.

Supported by GEO

GEO-Instruments is a partner and distributor of Aeroqual in North America. We offer sales, service, support, and add-ons such as solar-power panels, rugged battery boxes, and installation accessories. We also offer RENTAL units.


Aeroqual Dust Monitors

All models are capable of measuring PM10 and smaller particulates. Standard features include:

  • Continuous measurement
  • Real-time reporting
  • Robust, weatherproof design
  • User-friendly setup and operation
  • On-board, fail-safe data storage
  • WIFI and cellular connectivity
  • SMS and email alerts

Options include

  • Solar power
  • Cloud connectivity
  • Wind measurements
  • Weather station measurements
  • Noise measurements
  • VOC, O3 (ozone) and NO2 measurements
Dust Sentry PM10

Dust Sentry PM10

Dust Profiler

Dust Profiler

AQS 1 Air Quality Monitor


  • Monitors PM10 PM2.5 PM1 and TSP.
  • Monitors VOCs. Other options available.
  • Near Reference Technology
  • AQS 1 Datasheet
Portable Particulate Monitor

Portable Particulate Monitor

  • Measures PM10 and PM2.5
  • Optional modules for VOCs
  • Automatic humidity compensation
  • Long life lithium battery
  • Datasheet
Map View of Monitors
Map view showing Dust Monitor locations
Particle Size vs Time
Chart of particle size vs time
Wind & Pollution Rose Chart
Wind & Particulate Rose Chart
Multi-parameter chart
Multi-parameter chart