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Wireless Data Acquisition

Wireless data acquisition collects and forwards measurements from the project site to GeoCloud servers for processing and integration.

Wireless Systems

Wireless systems perform complex measurement & control functions to operate automated total stations, vibration monitors, dust monitors, construction cameras, and extended arrays of instruments. The systems are powered by battery and solar panel and transmit measurements to the internet via cellular modems.

Wireless Networks

Wireless data acquisition networks consist of multiple nodes and a gateway. Each node is connected to a sensor and transmits sensor readings to the gateway. The gateway collects readings from all of the nodes and forwards them to the internet. Wireless Data Acquisition Networks

Wireless Logger - in street installation for Piezometer

Wireless node transmits readings from a piezometer installed below-grade in center of roadway.

VW Node for Weldable Strain Gauge

Wireless node transmits readings from a weldable strain gauges installed on a structural member.

Wireless Tiltmeter and AMTS Prism

Wireless tiltmeter node complements AMTS prism measurements.

Laser displacement sensor on bridge pier

Wireless nodes such as these laser distance meters are ideal for locations that are difficult to access.

Data Management & Visualization

GeoCloud servers process, integrate, and store the measurements in project databases. GeoCloud project websites provide secure access to alerts, graphs, and reports 24/7.   Apollo Data Visualization   Quickview Data Visualization

Wireless Data Logging