Automated Track Monitoring - Chicago

AMTS View of Track

This AMTS system was used to monitor for potential settlement and lateral movement of twin rails during jack boring operations beneath the rail embankment. The project duration was 10 months.

AMTS tower with Controller boxes

The AMTS was mounted on a tower for good sight lines to rail-clip prisms installed on the tracks. The height of the tower also protects the instrument from possible vandalism.

Track Monitoring Solutions

Track monitoring is required whenever railroad tracks fall within a construction zone of influence.

A number of variables affect the choice of a monitoring system:

  • Severity of the geotechnical risk.
  • Traffic levels.
  • Number of monitoring points needed.
  • Frequency and precision of measurements needed.
  • Budget

GEO offers several track monitoring options: AMTS systems with track-mounted prisms, shape arrays, and sometimes tiltmeters.

Track Monitoring Systems