Crossbay Bridge Upgrade

Bridge Fender System


Scheduled upgrades for this six-lane highway bridge include replacement of fender systems and improvement of scour protection. The bridge must remain open during construction.

Placing stone mattress scouring protection

Monitoring Requirements

The project will require vibration monitoring and stability monitoring. The photo above shows heavy stone mattresses being placed at the base of the piers for scour protection.

Automated vibration monitors on board


GEO installed automated vibration monitors, laser displacement sensors, and AMTS systems. All of the instrumentation had to be self-powered and wireless

Automated vibration monitor on pier

A GEO field engineer has installed a geophone on the pier along with a portable AVM. Both can be be easily relocated as needed by the contractor.

Solar-powered AMTS on bridge pier

This is one of the solar-powered AMTS systems that were installed.

Laser displacement sensor on bridge pier

These laser displacement sensors are monitoring the stability of the piers. They also provide high precision tilt measurements.