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Monitoring Construction Vibration

Monitoring construction vibrations helps owners, builders, and contractors avoid property damage, litigation, project delays, and increased costs.

Sources of Vibration

  • Excavations
  • Demolitions
  • Heavy construction
  • Deep dynamic compaction
  • Pile driving
  • Interior renovations

Structures at Risk

  • Commercial buildings
  • Residential housing areas
  • Civic & historical buildings
  • Transit tunnels and stations
  • Bridges
  • Pipelines and utilities

Expertise from Experience

GEO has deployed vibration monitoring systems at hundreds of projects, each with its own unique requirements. We monitor all kinds of structures at risk from any source of vibration.

Rosslyn Station Vibration Monitor


Kennedy Center for Performing Arts

Civic Buildings

Mokulumne Seismic Retrofit


Solar Powered Vibration Monitor

Residential Areas



Vibration Monitoring Equipment

The essential components for monitoring construction vibration include a triaxial geophone to sense particle motion; a vibration monitor, also called a seismograph, to record and process signals from the geophone; and software to produce compliance reports.

The Instantel Micromate, triaxial geophone, and Blastware shown at right are ideal for short-term monitoring. GEO-Instruments has provided sales, rentals, calibrations, and repairs for Instantel vibration monitors since 2003.

instantel micromate and blastware

Automated Vibration Monitoring Equipment

Additional hardware and services, such as weatherproof enclosures, solar panels, wireless data retrieval, smartphone alerts, and automated reports, can save time and reduce the total cost of monitoring for longer term projects. GEO-Instruments provides the automated monitors shown below.