Track Monitoring Comparison Test

Track Monitoring Comparison Test
  • Shape array - red
  • AMTS prisms - orange
  • Tiltmeters - green
  • In-Place Inclinometer - blue

GEO-Instruments has posted a paper that discusses three track monitoring technologies.

The three technologies are: AMTS, Shape Arrays, and Tiltmeters. Will there be a clear winner?

AMTS (automated total stations) monitor the spatial position of rail-clip prisms or track-tie prisms. Measurements can reveal settlement profiles, lateral translation of the tracks, and changes in tilt across the rails. Is optical monitoring the perfect solution?

Horizontal shape arrays mounted on ties provide detailed settlement profiles from contiguous 0.5 meter gauge lengths. Are these rugged, low profile, low maintenance, all-weather shape arrays the best solution for monitoring track settlement? The in-place inclinometer was withdrawn from the test.

Tiltmeters are mounted on ties and provide angular measurements. With no clearly defined gauge lengths and no end references, can changes in tilt reveal useful information about track geometry?

GEO White Paper