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  • ISEE is the standard in the US.
  • Choose horizontal geophones for most applications. These are suitable for horizontal surfaces or for shallow burial. Note that wall brackets are available for mounting horizontal geophones on vertical surfaces.
  • Choose vertical geophones if your applications usually require mounting Geophones to walls and other vertical surfaces.


  • Linear Air-Overpressure microphones are suitable for blasting operations.
  • Sound Level Sensors are designed for sounds that humans can hear, such as construction noise.

Extension Cables

  • 50, 100, and 250 foot cables are available.

Other Options

  • The Protective Boot is a rubber cover recommended for added protection as well as increased flexibility for mounting your Micromate unit.
  • Optional Extended Memory is a factory installed option increases memory to 60 MB for a storage capacity of over 4000 events.
  • Optional Auxiliary I/O Connector: Factory installed option allows for the connection and operation of the Instantel Remote Alarm and or External Trigger Cable.