Microtunneling at LAX

Inclinometer training


The LAMP project at LAX in California is a multi-billion dollar program for modernizing access to and from the airport.  One part of the project involved installation of 9,700 feet of 48-inch diameter earthquake-resistant pipe within the City of LA street rights of way. Cut and cover was used for most of the construction, but microtunneling was required for a 325 foot section under a busy boulevard.

Monitoring Requirement

GEO-Instruments was contracted to provide drilling, borehole logging, instrumentation supply, installation, commissioning, and training for the client.


GEO-Instruments installed and automated MPBX (borehole extensometers) and UMP (Utility Monitoring Points) to monitor possible settlements from the microtunneling. Inclinometers were installed to monitor lateral displacements. GEO trained users how to manually survey the inclinometers with a traversing probe systems (shown in the photo).