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Calibration Request

Calibration of Instantel Geophone

Instantel geophone mounted on shake table for calibration

Instantel Calibrations

Instantel recommends annual calibrations. All calibrations are performed at the Instantel factory.

GEO-Instruments has been a distributor and user of Instantel products since 2003.

We follow their calibration guidance carefully for every monitor and geophone in our rental fleet.

If your vibration monitor is due for calibration, fill out one of the forms below and we'll take care of the rest.

Instantel Vibration Monitors

Instantel Micromate, MiniMate Plus, Minimate Pro and Blastmate III

Quick Request

Use this form if you have just one system to calibrate


Detailed Request

Use this form if you have multiple instruments to calibrate. Enter serial numbers for each item. To add more rows, click the icon.