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Implementing Geotechnical Monitoring Programs

How We Work

GEO-Instruments can work as an independent consultant or partner with the design and construction team.

We implement monitoring programs for projects of all sizes and can offer various levels of service, from simple rentals to full-service monitoring.

Working from offices across the US and one in Canada, we can provide near-local support. Our project managers, always in your time zone and often within easy driving distance, serve as your point of contact for the duration of the project.

We plan the work

  • We meet with you, in-person or virtually, to discuss your project and learn your requirements, budget, and timeline. We study project documents, and we walk through the site to uncover potential challenges.
  • We evaluate various monitoring solutions, leveraging expertise gained from hundreds of other projects. We also consider innovative alternatives that may benefit the project at hand. Then we present a proposal with instrument options, installation time, and costs.
  • We work with project engineers to finalize a formal monitoring plan that presents the full scope of the monitoring program, instrument types and locations, frequency and duration of readings, and alert thresholds.

We work the plan

  • We collect, integrate, and test the instruments needed for the project. We also fabricate any specialty items needed, from small prism mounts to large gravity base towers.
  • We assign a project manager to direct installation and commissioning of the system. Our installation teams are trained to work safely and follow best installation practices, and we minimize our on-site footprint through automation, wireless communications, and solar power.
  • We provide easy website access to alerts, data, graphs, and site status, all of which are updated continuously. We also verify that the monitoring systems are operational and that data values look correct.

Let's Talk

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Implementing Monitoring Plans