Gross Reservoir Expansion

The Project

Denver Water's Gross Reservoir Expansion Project will add 131 feet to the height of the dam, triple the volume of the reservoir, and convert the original concrete gravity structure to a concrete arch structure that can support the expanded capacity. See the video below for more details.

Remote Communications

GeoCloud Automation normally relies on cellular networks to transfer measurements from project sites to the internet. But at this remote site, cellular networks are not available.

A few years ago, the only solutions at remote sites were local area networks or expensive and slow satellite communications.

Now, the technology and cost of satellite communications has improved. GEO was able to take advantage of the Starlink satellite service, which provides low-latency internet communications at a reasonable cost.

AMTS on Gross Reservoir Dam

The new arch structure will have an extended footprint that requires excavation of the abutments on both sides of the existing dam. GEO has installed two AMTS systems to assist Keller with grouting work.

AMTS with GeoCloud Box

Both AMTS systems are solar powered and send measurements via Starlink.

Abutment works

Keller is grouting and strengthening the abutments.

Hooded Prism

Hooded 64 mm prism for long distance measurements.

Anchor with Prism

25 mm prism on anchor plate serves as a reference point.