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GEO-Instruments offers both rental vibration monitors and complete turn-key vibration monitoring services. Contact GEO to reduce your exposure to damage claims and project delays.

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Sensitive Sites

Pre-construction survey - residential

Residential Sites

Pre-construction survey - commercial buildings

Commercial Sites

Pre-construction surveys - civic buildings

Civic Sites

Pre-construction surveys - historic buildings

Historic Sites

Why Monitor Vibrations?

  • Comply with building codes.
  • Reduce risk of property damage, project delays, and increased costs.
  • Alert construction teams to mitigate excessive vibration.
  • Manage relations with neighboring property owners.
  • Provide documentation that help resolve any legal claims.

Does NYC Require Monitoring?

Section 1814.3 of the NYC Building Code and TPPN 10/88 require vibration monitoring of adjacent structures when construction activities involve:

  • Excavation and trenching
  • Blasting and demolition
  • Foundation work
  • Tunneling
  • Pile driving

Do Vibration Monitoring Your Way.

Micromate: If you want to do it yourself, rent an Instantel Micromate. Rentals include a triaxial geophone, Blastmate report software, a carrying case, and all accessories.
Automate: If there's too much on your plate already, rent an automated system. We take care of data collection and processing. You get a secure website, status alerts, reports, and support from our project manager.

Comply with Building Codes. Manage Neighborhood Relations.

instantel micromate and blastware

"We're ready to help." - Zeid Alkas, NY Area Manager (973-557-7667)

Other Services

Pre-Construction Surveys

Pre-construction surveys are visual inspections of structures adjacent to a construction site. The surveys protect developers, contractors, and property owners and are required in NYC Building Code, Sections 1814.1 and 3309.4.3 as well as in TPPN 10/88.

Monitoring Plans

GEO's monitoring plans present the location and type of instruments, frequency and duration of readings, and permissible movement and vibration criteria, in accordance with Sections 1814.3 and 3309.16 of the New York City Building Code.

Crack Monitoring

Crack gauges monitor changes in cracks identified in the survey. Building codes may require daily or weekly readings. Automated crack gauges eliminate site visits.

Optical Monitoring

Building codes may require optical monitoring of affected buildings. GEO's AMTS automated optical monitoring works around the clock without the cost of survey crews.

Dust Monitoring

Dust mitigation is required at most construction sites. GEO deploys real-time, automated dust monitors from Aeroqual.


GeoCloud Automation

GeoCloud automation works 24/7 to report vibration monitoring and all other types of measurements to a secure project website.

New York Office: 973-557-7667