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GeoCloud Laser Displacement Sensor

GeoCloud laser displacement sensors provide remote, high-precision measurements to monitor movements and deformation. Datasheet

Laser Displacement Sensor


  • Monitoring pillars, bridge decks, retaining walls, tunnel profiles for deformation or movement.
  • Monitoring heave or settlement of floor slabs (changes in ceiling-floor distances).
  • Monitoring structural movements at locations that are difficult or dangerous to access.
  • Monitoring change in inclination using the built-in 3-axis tiltmeter.


Remote displacement measurements: The laser optical displacement sensor (ODS) works with natural surfaces up to 165 feet away and with targets up to 500 feet away.

Built-in Tiltmeter: A built-in tiltmeter provides high resolution tilt measurements.

Easy Installation: The Laser ODS is compact, easy to install, and requires almost no maintenance.

Cable-Free: GeoCloud sensors provide their own power and transmit measurements by radio, entirely eliminating the cost of cables, cable protection, and cable maintenance.

GeoCloud Services: GeoCloud provides access to data wherever there is an internet connection. GeoCloud services operate 24 hours a day, processing measurements, checking for alarms, and generating graphs, reports, and alerts.

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Laser Displacement Sensor
Sensor: Laser Class 2, 655 nm (visible red).
Range: 165 feet from natural surface target, 330 feet from white target, 500 feet from reflective target.
Resolution: 0.004 inch.
Repeatability: ±0.006 inch.

Sensors: MEMS tilt sensors in three axes. Range: ±90° in each axis.
Resolution: 0.0001°.
Repeatability: ±0.0005°.

Battery life: 10 years at 1 hour reporting
interval, 8 years at 30 minute reporting interval, including acting as a relay.
Environmental: IP68 at 1m for 24 hours, -10°C to +50°C for full functionality of laser, -25 °C to +85°C for tiltmeter.
Dimensions: 3.5 x 3.5 x 2.4 inch high.

Protocol: Proprietary Senceive FlatMesh networking protocols, IEEE802.15.4 compliant. FCC approved.
Gateway to Internet: Cellular.