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GeoCloud Sensors & Nodes

GeoCloud sensors and nodes provide high precision, low noise measurements, wireless communications, and a 10 to 15-year battery life. Powered by Senceive’s FlatMesh technology, GeoCloud sensors feature advanced dynamic routing algorithms, extremely efficient power management, and high quality hardware.


Tiltmeters monitor small changes in inclination and structural rotation. GeoCloud tiltmeters are wireless sensors that transmit measurements to an internet gateway. Read more

Laser Distance Meters

Laser distance meters can be used to monitor deformation, settlement, heave, and convergence. This module also provides tilt measurements. Read more

Vibrating Wire Nodes

GeoCloud VW Nodes are available in 1-sensor or 4-sensor versions and work with all types of VW sensors, including VW crackmeters. Read more

Crackmeter Node

Crackmeters monitor movement at joints and cracks. GeoCloud sensors, nodes, and loggers work with cloud-based services from Geo-Instruments. Read more

Millivolt & RTD Nodes

The Millivolt node works with resistive bridge sensors. The RTD node provides precision temperature monitoring of temperature sensors. Read more


The Cellular gateway connects GeoCloud sensors and nodes to the internet. The USB Gateway provides local connections to a PC or tablet. Read more