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Construction Cameras

Construction cameras provide videos and photos of construction activities. In addition to providing a record of progress and adding to site security, they can be used identify problems, document incidents, and improve operations. Datasheet

GeoCam Construction Camera Screen shot

The camera is controlled remotely by a PC. The pan, tilt, and zoom controls overlay a live view of the scene. Panned, tilted, and zoomed views can also be preset for time-lapse recordings.

Construction Camera on Pole

The Geocam PTZ mounted on pole. Solar panel supplies sufficient power to run the system.

GeoCam Pan-Tilt-Zoom

  • High resolution live images
  • Instant access to time lapse photos
  • Night-time security recordings.

Real-Time Streaming

  • View live images from anywhere
  • Control camera from PC or phone.
  • Stream 4K video to multiple viewers

Customizable Time Lapses

  • Schedule multiple time lapses
  • Each can pan and zoom to cover the site
  • Show progress, weather, and more

Security Recording

  • Records HD 720p resolution
  • Store 7 days of 24/7 video
  • View by date & time