Question:What data files should I save for my next rental?
Answer: If you used the AT system, save the .DUX files from the AT reader (one file for each inclinometer). If you used the Classic system, save the .DPW file created by DigiPro2. (one file).

Question: How do I load .DUX files onto my rental AT tablet?
Answer: Page 27 of the AT system manual shows how to transfer files from the tablet to the PC. You’re going to do the opposite.

1. Plug the tablet into your PC USB port. It will look like a USB memory stick.
2. After you connect, navigate to a folder on the tablet called Internal Storage -> Download -> Digitilt Reader.
3. Under Digitilt Reader, you’ll see two more folders: Inclinometer data and Outbox.
4. Copy your .DUX file to the “inclinometer data” folder (not to the outbox) .
5. Now your inclinometers and survey data should appear in the Digitilt Reader app. There’s more about DUX files on page 34 of the manual.

Question: How do I load surveys into my rental DataMate.
Answer: Page 8 and 9 of the DigiPro manual tell hows to transfer surveys to the DataMate.

1. Start DigiPro2 and use it to open your .DPW file (page 8).
2. Connect the DataMate to the PC.
3. Click Datamate -> Make List. Check the checkboxes for inclinometers and surveys.
4. Send the list to the Datamate.
5. Now the DataMate is loaded for work.