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Rental Vibration Monitors

Instantel Seismographs

Specialists in Vibration Monitors & Seismographs

GEO-Instruments has years of experience and special expertise in vibration monitors and  seismograph equipment. We offer fully automated systems in addition to manually operated systems.

Our rental packages are described below. Portable systems are shipped within 24 hours. Automated systems are usually operational within a week. All systems are available at weekly or monthly rates.

GEO makes renting easy.

Micromate manual vibration monitor

Manual Vibration Monitors

Manual systems are recommended for short-term compliance monitoring. The operator places the monitor and geophone at the required location, sets trigger levels and a monitoring period. At the end of the monitoring period, the operator transfers the recorded data to a Windows PC, and then uses the included software to print histogram and waveform reports. This rental includes:

  • ISEE compliant vibration monitor
  • Triaxial geophone
  • Software & manual
  • Cables and carrying case

Automated Vibration Monitors

AVMs eliminate nearly all handling of data and provide reliable, cost-effective monitoring for longer term projects. Powered by solar panel or AC, the AVM includes a weatherproof enclosure, a vibration monitor and geophone, and a cell modem with service. Recorded readings are automatically transferred offsite to a GEO server for processing. Alert notifications are automatically sent to PCs and smartphones. And finally, histograms and waveforms are automatically printed to PDF reports, optionally emailed to stakeholders, and stored on a secure project website for easy access. Datasheet

Monitoring vibration - automated vibration monitoring of sheet piles
PVM Portable AVM

PVM - Portable & Automated

The PVM combines automation and portability. It includes a vibration monitor in a strong, weatherproof case, a geophone with 6 ft cable, a cell modem, a 15Ah battery with charging regulator and AC adaptor, and services.

Monitoring time: Approximately three days on a fully charged battery, depending on cell signal strength and ambient temperature.

Dimensions & Weight:
20 x 15 x 7 in, 26 lb.

Solar-Powered Vibration Monitor

SVM - Solar Powered & Portable

The SVM is a self-standing AVM supplied with a lockable, weatherproof enclosure, a vibration monitor, a geophone with 6.5 ft cable, a cell modem with external antenna, a solar panel, solar controller, and 35Ah battery, and services. It can be relocated easily.

Monitoring Time: The battery and solar panel can provide weeks of operation, depending on the environment.

Dimensions & Weight:
30 x 18 x 11 in (open), 75 lb.

AVM with geophone

AVM - Wall Mounted

The AVM is supplied in a lockable, weatherproof enclosure that is mounted on a wall or pole. It includes a vibration monitor, geophone with 6 ft cable, a cell modem, a 7Ah battery with charging regulator and AC adaptor, and services.

Monitoring Time: The AVM is typically connected to AC line power for the duration of monitoring.

Dimensions & Weight:
18 x 16 x 6 in, 32 lb.

RVM with geophone

RVM - Rugged and Heavy Duty

The RVM provides power autonomy and extra protection with its shatterproof solar panel and heavy-gauge steel enclosure. It includes a vibration monitor, geophone with 6 ft cable, a cell modem, two 110Ah batteries, a solar controller, and services.

Monitoring Time: The batteries and solar panel can provide weeks or months of operation, depending on the environment.

Dimensions & Weight:
31 x 21 x 18 in, 250 lb.

Options to Consider

Vertical Geophone

Geophone for Vertical Mounting

If your application requires wall mounted geophones, the internal sensors must be reconfigured. Please tell us when ordering. GEO provides this service free of charge.

Sound Level Sensor

Sound Level Sensor

If you are monitoring construction noise, choose the sound level sensor, which is designed for sounds that humans can hear. If you are blasting, choose the linear microphone.

PVM with horn and strobe

Horn and Strobe

Any of the AVMs can be connected to a horn and strobe that activates when vibrations exceed preset levels.

Alerts on PCs and Smart Phones
Alerts on PCs and Smart Phones

Services provided with AVMs

  • Continous monitoring
  • Cellular data service
  • Automated data transfers
  • Automated alert notifications
  • Automated reports
  • Secure data storage on project website
  • Web access to data & reports


  • Extension cable for geophone
  • Geophone configured for wall mounting
  • Sound level sensor (for noise)
  • Linear Microphone (for blasting)
  • Alarm unit with strobe and siren

How Automation Works

Automated Vibration Monitoring Diagram

The AVM monitors continously in histogram-combo mode. Measurements are transferred offsite to a GeoCloud server at scheduled intervals. If a waveform recording is triggered, it is transferred immediately after the event.

The GeoCloud server receives and processes the measurements, checking if alarms notifications should be sent. Notifications are sent out as emails or text messages.

Measurements are then stored in a project database and made available on the project website. Users visit the project website to see PPV status, histogram reports, and waveform reports.

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